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Chef Oren Koreh


Growing up in a tiny village situated north of Galilee, my pastoral surroundings allowed me to find a unique connection to the land. As the son of farmers, I spent most of my childhood learning to love and harvest nature's finest, playing in my family's Mango fields overlooking the breathtaking Sea of Galilee, smelling the land, tasting the fruits.

Taking that love and passion and turning it into my career brought me to great adventures, from head chef at top restaurants around the globe, to opening my own restaurant in Tel Aviv and heading a high-end catering company in Silicon Valley. These have all lent to my holistic view of what bringing my passion to others is really all about. Waking up before the crack of dawn to go to the local market and inhale the aromatic smells of fresh produce as inspiration to start my day. Bringing only the freshest California has to offer into every creation. 

I have been lucky enough to travel and work around the world, enabling me to 'taste' so much. 

I look forward to meeting you, working together to create the event of your dreams.

Chef Ben Root 


5050 Del Mar Heights Rd,

San Diego CA 92130

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